Day 2 | 7 Days of Gratefulness

My aunt, one of the few female orchestra conductors in the Philippines.
My aunt, one of the few female orchestra conductors in the Philippines.

Five things to be thankful for for 7 days. Tag one person per day.

Day 2.
1. Today is my Tita Michi‘s birthday. I am thankful to have grown up with a wonderful tita — someone who’ll keep cooking despite our teasing (a.k.a. “The Pesteng Pasta”), who opened up my world with music, and who continues to be a source of laughter and strength for our whole family. Here are 4 other things about Tita Mich that I am thankful for:

2. Tita Mich taught me concert etiquette: don’t to clap between movements! Invaluable advice, I promise.

3. The certainty that I can always depend on my extended family for help.

4. We, here nieces, are included in her colorful and oh so interesting world — from outings, to lunches, to everything in between — she would let us tag along. This made an impact on young minds — that we counted as people, individuals.

5. That Gab has a “Lola Mimich” who loves to spend time with her & vice versa. I know that having someone I can trust to watch over Gab is a luxury, something not every parent is fortunate enough to have.


DAY 1 | 7 Days of Gratefulness

One wonderful thing I’ve been seeing on social media lately is the “7 Days of Gratefulness/Thankfulness” challenge. For one week, you’re supposed to list down 5 things you are grateful for.

I must say, people struggle so much to find things they’re happy about…but ask the same people what they hate about this country and you’ll get a really noisy thread. A reflection of the amount of negativity that swirls around us.

Here’s my list. 🙂

Always something to be thankful fo.

1. Tagging one of the top reasons I wake up with a smile each morning —Romano. My husband, best friend, labandero, ever willing assistant, my ultimate partner in crime; who, despite my strong (sometimes too strong) personality manages to steer our family well.

2. I am thankful for every opportunity I have to tell my family that I love them.

3. Coffee and all its iterations. Thank you chefs, baristas, food scientists, and everyone who appreciates epicurean delights.

4. I am grateful for the chance to be a mom.

5. My work makes me so happy. Everyday, I sit at my desk, knowing that every hour I spend at the office is a chance to be part of something bigger. I am grateful that I can say, unflinchingly, that my PR work serves the poor and the Philippines.