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Tish loves the Philippines. She dreams of a poverty-free Philippines — where all Filipinos live with dignity. 

This love and her dreams led her to become a militant activist in her college years. In 2006, her political involvements prompted her to “go down from the hill” and she left the comforts of the Ateneo de Manila behind.


Student activist.


After a period of wandering, she (surprisingly) plunged into the world of corporate communications and subsequently fell in love with her work. Apparently, for all the angry slogans she shouted in the street, what she was really loved was networking and effective storytelling. She eventually became a PR pro.

During her stint at RubyComm-K.Austria PR (RCKA PR), she served as writer & account manager for a good mix of clients in a variety of industries. These include education publishing, property development, port management, automotive and motorcycle manufacturing, and hospitality.

Tish Martinez Castillo PR

In 2013, Tish left the agency to pursue a career in PR for non-profits and social enterprises.

Today, she is grateful to be able to serve the Philippines while pursuing a career in PR and drinking excessive amounts of (delicious, strong and — free) coffee.

Tish Martinez-Castillo_PR


Tish Castillo Public Relations.png
At the product launch of Human Nature Professional Salon Care line. 


Tish is currently the Corporate Communications & Public Relations Manager of Gandang Kalikasan Inc. (GKI). Gandang Kalikasan is the social enterprise behind the country’s largest genuinely natural personal care, cosmetic, and home care brand, Human Nature.

Her mission is to convince you that compassionate business can be profitable. 

What’s a day like in Human Nature? Click here to find out.

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