Ann Handley’s Writing GPS

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When words are cheap

  1. The internet fools us into thinking that words are cheap. Fifty pesos for a hundred words? What a bargain!
  2. A mass of letters could come cheap. Ideas, the ones that percolate…the ones that stain our walls, the ones that are rest on our foreheads as we sleep, ideas that bother, enthrall, and enrage — these ideas have no price.
  3. Ideas make words weapons. Word-wielders carry murderous instruments…at the tips of their fingers and in their furrowed brows.

Killing the deadline

Here a few things to remember when you are trying desperately to meet your writing deadlines:

  1. Not all research is beneficial. Most are just distractions
  2. No 1st draft is perfect. No 2nd draft is perfect. God made editors.
  3. Know exactly what you want to say — what is the point of the release? Before you set the pen to paper (or tips to type pad)
  4. Bluff your way to the rough draft.
  5. Edit in cold blood. Take no ineffective phrase or fluff-tastic word prisoner.

The Many Faces of the Teacher

This was published months ago but I forgot to “publicize” it via my blog because it was one of my last projects before I gave birth. Any way…

Date of publication: October 2, 2012
Starweek, The Philippine Star

To inspire, uplift and equip: 20 years of Bato Balani Foundation Inc.

“Though it has often been said that a teacher’s influence never ends, this is not a meaningless cliché,” says Ching Jorge, Executive Director of Bato Balani Foundation Inc. (BBFI). “One educator can impact generations of learners, one outstanding teacher can steer countless learners towards lives of integrity and excellence. If one can do that, imagine the impact of a hundred outstanding educators.”

In 1991, BBFI was borne out of the pressing need for education development in the Philippines. Recognizing that nation-building begins with excellent educators, BBFI chose to focus its efforts on teacher training programs as well as providing advanced degree scholarships and grants for teachers.

The “How To Be A Highly Effective Teacher” project was BBFI’s first effort. It focuses on training teachers in specific teaching skills in the core subject areas of basic education. The nationwide program links public and private school teachers with experts and BBFI’s partner organizations. Since its first run, BBFI has conducted over 500 seminars and has trained more than 60,000 teachers across the country. In 2004 alone, BBFI trained 6,681 participants.

BBFI also published Quality Teacher (QT), a quarterly magazine specifically made for educators. A recipient of the Anvil Award for Best Professional Trade Journal, the magazine features a wide selection of articles tackling the various needs of the teacher. Jorge states that “the magazine is geared towards assisting teachers in honing their professional skills and helping them balance their work with their personal lives.” QT is distributed nationwide and has more than 4,000 readers. Most of QT’s articles serve as reference materials on various subjects especially about Philippine education. Continue reading “The Many Faces of the Teacher”