Mini Break: Potipot Island, Zambales

This post should have been titled: “Nag Your Way to a Holiday” or “5 Manipulative Steps to a Mini Break”.Β  But I won’t do that because after all’s said and done…our weekend was a blast. I just wish we had tents, so we could have stayed overnight.

Our journey started at the Victory Liner terminal at Sampaloc,Manila. Here, we boarded a bus bound for Sta.Cruz, Zambales. We were getting off at the municipality of Uacon, which is on the way to Sta. Cruz.Β  Fare cost 450 (one way).Β  The journey took around 5 hours (we left at around 11pm and got to Uacon by around 4am) which was OK since we slept most of the time.

When we got off Uacon, we went straight to Dawal Beach Resort whose entrance is just along the National Highway. At the reception area, we were told that the boat ride to Potipot Island would cost 400 (back and forth), good for 6 people. We had some breakfast and were off to the island by 6 am.

Dawal Beach at Sunrise, photo taken from Boat

After the short boat ride, we were finally at our destination! Potipot Island, is a small privately-owned island off the coast of Zambales. It doesn’t have any resorts on it or bars or restaurants. What it does have is clear waters and white sand. Which I think is essential to having a great time at the beach.

A welcome sight: Just 100 pesos to enjoy the beach

What I really like about Potipot though is that it’s cheap but very, very pretty. For a hundred pesos a person, you’d expect a beach littered by garbage and what not. Instead, we were greeted by white sands and clear blue waters. They have some cottages and tables to rent though, so you wouldn’t be at a complete loss.

First Sight, photo taken from the boat

The island is really small. It would take you around 30 minutes to walk around it. But it lacks in size it makes up for beauty.

Sunrise on Potipot Island
An Invitation to Dive in

Another thing I like: not many people go there. I know it’s a bit elitist of me to say so…but I’ll say it anyway. I don’t like beaches or resorts with lots of people. I can’t relax if there are icky guys in board shorts posing round for pictures and saying “dudepare ang hot nung girl…” I can neither stand going to places where some patrons are wearing the classic t-shirt and shirt combo in the conservative pinay tradition. According to the caretaker, it was a good thing we went now. The place is supposedly packed during the height of summer.

Picturesque Potipot

The island doesn’t have great plumbing though. I wouldn’t recommend it to the squeamish. It does have fairly manageable bathrooms and hand pumps. Otherwise, you can get changed when you get back to the mainland (if you’re staying at the resorts).

Wind Blows Soft at Potipot
Dead Jelly Fish, Masquerading as Glycerin Soap on the Shore

Bottom line: I give it 5 out of 5. I got my mini break at minimal cost. I’m definitely going back there. β™₯

That’s me, Enjoying the Sun