Review: Fish & Co.

I’m severely allergic to seafood. I’ve never had the chance to develop a taste for it. Seafood brings back memories of hospitals, massive anti-histamine shots and a bloated face.

I had all these bad allergy experiences in mind as Rom and I made our way to Fish & Co. at Greenbelt 3. I came armed with a generous amount of anti-histamine tablets and firm resolve to give seafood a chance.

We only went for one dish: the Fish and Chips in Town.

It didn’t seem reasonable for us to order so much when only Rom could eat. Thankfully, the restaurant serves alcoholic drinks…I had to make do with the lovely cocktails (haha).

So anyways, here what I like about Fish & Co:

Great service. Before I even look at the menu, I usually note how the staff takes (or doesn’t take) orders and how attentive they are to customers. Bad service spoils my appetite. That being said, Fish & Co. did more than please. The wait staff were attentive! Each time my glass was half drunk, they went and refilled it right away. Our orders were complete within 8 minutes; which is great since the place was packed when we went.

The dish: The Fish and Chips were served in the trademark Fish & Co. pan; it looked so delicious…we forgot to take pictures before nibbling.

The chips (or fries, this side of the world) weren’t too oily and it had enough starch in it to be considered “natural”. Some chips tend to taste like cardboard (probably because they were dehydrated).

I have to gush about the sauce. It is ♥. Instead of the typical vinegar dressing, we had creamy lemon butter sauce. Tangy and light, it was a great compliment to an otherwise bland dish. We had to get second helping of the sauce because I was dousing everything with it.

The cream dory in lightly seasoned batter really is the piece de resistance of the whole meal. Wasn’t too flaky (fish tend to be flaky or stringy when over cooked) and it wasn’t fried too brown either. I love the texture: a light batter with crunch. (Too bad I couldn’t really devour too much of it)

I watered down my meal with a blue vodka mix which gets 5 stars simply because it came in a big glass, filled to the brim and alcoholic enough to make me dizzy had subtle tropical notes that brought out the vodka’s flavor.

Verdict: For an average menu price of 400 pesos; Fish & Co. definitely gives you your money’s worth. Next time, I’ll be stuffing myself with their non-seafood appetizers.

For more information, go here.