Healthy, tasty cuisine at Terazzas de Barako

Confession: I only began to seriously consider eating healthy when I became pregnant. Pre-baby, my gastronomic philosophy was simple: eat or cook whatever will make me ‘happy’.

The food I have served friends and family is a testament to this: from my ‘sinful’ stuffed chicken, the lasagna, the chip and dips, etc, etc. While I was never really a big fan of pork (I was raised in a household where egg, chicken and tofu were protein staples – Mom is half Japanese and grew up with our Adventist grand aunt), I fell in love with cheese, pasta, potato, and bread.  This whole ‘mom rarely served pork, beef OR hotdogs’ growing up backfired when I moved out…I discovered I could have bacon, bagnet, bulalo, lechon kawali, cake — glorious cheesecake, etc. WHENEVER I LIKED.

Anyways, when I became pregnant, EVERYONE kept bullying reminding me to eat healthy (insert annoying well-meaning reminders like: Don’t eat cake, the baby will become an obese diabetic…No sushi for you, think mercury poisoning). To my credit, I really took the doc’s (and the husband’s) advice to heart. I began to eat more fruits and veggies and less to no bacon (sniff! I miss you, old friend). Also, I began my ‘slow food’ journey (meaning, I did not visit Mcdo, KFC, Jolibee, Taco Bell, et al for most of my pregnancy).

While I am still not a health nut, I can confidently say: I have OK eating habits…I rarely have fast food.

This is why I did not even bat an eyelash when I visited Terazzas de Barako. Located inside Hacienda San Benito, a farm estate in Lipa, Batangas that produces organic vegetables, fruits, and even honey; the restaurant is billed as a fine dining restaurant with a healthy menu.

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23 Ways Suzuki makes driving safer

At the Lipa leg of the Suzuki @ work after-sales service camp, customers were given a full, thorough, and free vehicle 23 point check up. The service camp is part of Suzuki Philippines Inc. (SPH) current efforts to amp up the brands customer relations.

A mechanic carefully checks the tires at the second bay of Suzuki @ work.
According to Suzuki’s Service Manager,  Mr. Rommel Cabanela, Suzuki @ work aims to foster good relationships between customers and dealerships. “A big chunk of that goodwill translates to great service. We want our people to know that Suzuki’s services and car car go beyond the sale,” he said.

He added that “some of their customers were not returning to the dealer for checkups because their service warranty expired. But with Suzuki @ work, they can avail of the full check up.”

A Suzuki service camp is  like an assembly line where the vehicle passes through three stations or bays. Each bay has a team of qualified technicians. Every customer’s check up will include topping of fluids, checking of battery condition using a Computerized Battery Tester and checking of engine performance with the use of Suzuki Diagnostic Tool (SDT), all free of charge. The customers will also be given recommendations on specific areas of the unit that require servicing.

In the first bay, the vehicle’s general condition is checked. The aircon, windows, mirrors, wipers, and all the lights are among the areas examined in this stage. The hand and foot brake are also adjusted in the first bay. An inspection of the underchassis – front and rear brakes, transmission – follows. Wheel bearing, the condition of tires and power steering hoses and fluids  are also checked at the second bay. At the last station, Suzuki engineers will take an exhaustive look under the hood. The condition of the belts, engine and engine oil, as well as ignition timing are examined at the last bay.

A Suzuki employee displays the 23 point check list that’s assigned to each vehicle. Author note: This really appeals to my OC side. I love color-coded lists. 🙂

Vehicle owners will get an update on their vehicle’s condition and when needed, be encouraged to avail of discounted parts and services. The whole process is documented in a service check-list that accompanies the vehicle through the three bays. The check-list also serves as proof that the vehicle has gone though the service camp.

To find out where the next leg of Suzuki @ work will be held, visit or call Suzuki’s customer care hotline: (02) 902 1001. If you’re from Batangas, drop by Suzuki Auto Lipa  (right across SM Lipa) for a look see of their product line. Suzuki Auto Lipa can also be reached at (043) 702 2224. ###