Lippy in a Jiffy

If  you’re like me you like your make-up easy to use but dramatic. This little review is for the frequently time-starved woman. I don’t usually follow trends when it comes to make up. I put on whatever I feel like putting on (and when I say this, I might mean lime green eyes, super red lips or dark smoky eyes during daytime!).

However, during work days I usually have to tone down (read: look serious and businessy). As someone whose profession requires me to meet different kinds of people, I can’t be too careful with how I do my make up!

One of the ways I amp up my look is using different kinds of lipstick and gloss. Great lipstick can save you time in the mornings. One, you can keep everything else neutral and low key if you have eye popping lipstick on. And secondly, it doesn’t take much of an effort. All you need is the right shade, a lip brush and some blotting paper or tissue.

Here are some of my top picks for lip color:

Bobbi Brown’s Color Options in Magenta

Don't let the bright hue scare you!

For the record: I like magenta and hot pink. These colors play up my skin tone well and it makes me feel young. Also, it’s a color that needs some level of finesse. Oftentimes, people look tacky in hot pink because they’re not wearing the proper shade.

It's not too pink. 🙂

Pros: Bobbi Brown’s Lip Lacquer is great for those times when you want to look polished but have no time. It instantly smooths out your lips while giving you great color. What I also like about this particular lacquer is it isn’t sticky. I usually have problems with lacquers and glosses because they tend to get sticky in Manila humidity.

Cons: It comes in a pot therefore: you’ll need to be extra careful. Unlike it’s tube counterparts, you’ll really need a lip brush for this product (Bobbi Brown has great lip brushes too!).

Lancome’s Color Fever Lipstick and L’Absolu Rouge

L'Absolu Rouge in 2009's Burnt Sienna

I’m a closet Lancôme addict. I love their facial wash, toners and I especially love their cosmetics! I’ve been addicted to their Color Fever and L’Absolu Rouge lines for quite some time now. For the former, I just adore it in Pink to the Club (it looks kind of Orange but it’s really a soft, shimmery pink).

Burnt Sienna

Pros: It comes in a tube, easy to apply. It delivers the colors you expect and it rarely runs or smears.

In Pink to the Club

Cons: The price of beauty. A lot of their palettes aren’t readily available locally and if they are, they cost an arm and a half.

More next time.

PS. You may have noticed, my lips are sunburned. Sorry for that. And BTW, these products are available in Rustan’s.