Coping with Economic Crisis: 10 Subtle Ways

Hard times are upon us all. Economies are crashing, people are loosing their jobs…it seems that everyone is tightening their belts these days. But one need not look drab, shell-shocked, malnourished or sickly in the face of today’s turbulent times. Today, I’ll be discussing 10 subtle strategies which can help us survive the onslaught of financial crisis.

1. Order your food a la carte. Drinks are overrated. These only add sugar and calories you don’t need. Taking a glass of water with your meal will not only spare you the pounds;  this can also save you anywhere from 20 to 100 pesos. Resist the “value meal” mindset, get the food you want sans the drink.

2. Bring water to work. Investing in a water jug is good for your physical and financial health.  A 500 ml water jug can effectively quench you for most of the day, eliminating trips to the soda vending machine or convenience store. You’ll also reduce the number of PET bottles, plastic cups and Tetra packs you throw away in a day, effectively reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Wear sneakers on your daily commute. You’ll avoid ruining your expensive stilettos (or other work heels/leather shoes), catch the train or bus faster and reduce risk of injury as you hurry to the office.

4. Buy fruits in season and snack on them. Refrain from eating fast food or junk food, eat fruits instead. If you feel pressured to eat these with co-workers or clients (in team luncheons or client meetings for example) just say: “Sorry, I can’t. Doctor’s orders.” Refraining from eating food your body doesn’t need will save you loads of cash in the long run.

5. Know your style basics. Buying trendy items (which don’t necessarily look great on you) at sky high “in season” prices will not just total you bank account, it’ll turn you into a fashion victim. Instead, outline which cuts or fabrics work well with your body type/skin type and which doesn’t before going shopping.

6. Moisturize daily. Cleanse your face daily. Exfoliate as needed. This is basic skin care. Daily cleansing and moisturizing will prevent sudden break outs or the need to go to the dermatologist or spa regularly.

7.   Stop buying office organizing tools such as pen holders, extra trays, etc. Practice office zen instead. Take time to read through documents, fliers, brochures or whatnot piled at your desk. Discard what you don’t need, file what you will need. There are facilities for recycling around the metro, dump your unnecessary paper there.

8. Before buying anything, ask yourself how many hours you need to work before you can earn the price of the item. This will give you time to evaluate if you really need it, if you can realistically afford it or if you just fancy having the item.

9. Set workable financial goals. Don’t work yourself into a frenzy. (Example: telling yourself to earn your first million by 21 years old at your twentieth birthday.) Instead, pace your self. Know which financial goals are viable by realistically computing what you can save.

10. Prefer paying in full or in cash over accumulating credit.