Make something this weekend: Baby Mobile

Being a mom can be tough. Finding an age-appropriate, engaging baby toy? Sometimes even tougher (though I’m not sure if this is because I’m in the Philippines or if I’m just too picky).

Anyways, for weeks now, I have been searching for a baby mobile that a) is high contrast b) not electronic / no sounds — scared of battery leaks and c) costs no more than 2,000 pesos.


Let’s just say that after scouring The Landmark at TriNoMa, Rustan’s (in Shang, Gateway AND Makati –I luff Rustan’s!) and Robinson’s (Galleria and Manila), I decided to make my own.*

So here’s my little baby mobile guide.

Important: remember to wash ALL of your materials (including the base of the mobile) in baby-safe detergent BEFORE you make the mobile.

Step 1: Choose materials and patterns. I got my pattern inspiration from here. I chose felt because it’s low-maintenance. You don’t have to do any “finishing” or “sealing” on its edges to prevent fraying.

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To you, my daughter

Dear Gabby,

Only a few weeks to go till we meet face to face. Only a few precious weeks till your father and I will hear your cry, cuddle you and marvel at how you; our lovely daughter came to be.

Even if I have not held you in my arms, I feel like I know you intimately. I know that you wake up at the sound of your mom tapping away at her computer (please forgive me – I have to work as you grow in my belly), you seem to like listening to Brahms, Les Miserables, the Smiths and Bob Marley, you are especially active when you hear your Dad and I talking (maybe you want to contribute to the conversation?) and you seem to like certain television shows and channels like Letterman, Conan, Modern Family and Al Jezeera. 🙂

I will never forget the moment I first felt you move nor the first time you made my tummy jiggle with you kicking and stretching. You are becoming heavier and more active each day. It’s a little difficult for me to move now but I don’t mind because it means that you are growing.

Gabby, I hope we don’t disappoint you when you arrive. We’re inexperienced parents and I hope you forgive us when we make mistakes with you.

We’ll try our best to raise you well–our wish is for you to become someone full of tolerance, compassion and love for others. I hope that when you are here, you will stand up for what is right; you will defend those suffering injustices and become a voice for those who have no voice.

This is not to say we’d like you to become a militant. Not at all. Someday you will understand, like we enventually did, that violence gets us somewhere but it will not get us very far.

We just don’t want you to grow up apathetic and oblivious.

The Philippines, our dear daughter, though filled with charming locales and natural resources is awash with socioeconomic problems. Deeply rooted in a semi-colonial and semi-feudal system; our problems worsen because so many Filipinos choose not to care.

So many of us choose to become mindless slaves of consumerism; so many of us are even proud to be part of an apathetic middle class. I have seen so many brilliant peers become corporate drones, self-serving artists, academics with no real social purpose or worse, numb.

Remember this, my dearest daughter, our worth can only be measured with the good we bring into this world. Don’t get suckered into compliance, do not forget the millions who have and are suffering each day because people like you and me refuse to even acknowledge them.

Someday, you will be reading this. Your Dad and I hope that this will bring you comfort and love. We hope this letter envelops you with hope.

We love you so much Gabby.We want you to grow up in a better Philippines. And it is for you and other children like you that we take to the streets and keep vigil.

It is for your future that we express our outrage and dissent. It is for you, it is for love.