Fall easy in love with Anthology Shoes today

Comfort is the necessary footnote to great style. This principle is in every pair of Anthology Shoes, a local brand that is making waves for delivering what ladies truly deserve.

“We need our feet for almost everything we do but often overlook their care. And one way to care for our feet is by wearing shoes that fit well,” shares Karrots Nazareno, Creative Director of Anthology Shoes. “Our pleased customers affirm our belief that shoes can be comfortable as they look and feel fabulous.”

Anthology Shoes’ collections satisfy any fashionista. Whether you fall in love with the classic and versatile strap sandals of the Bea collection or the sleek and oh-so-cool tan and black brogues of the London collection , you can be confident of ease in every stride you make.

It is therefore no surprise that pairs from the Paradiso collection, with its quirky hues, and the Noelle collection, with its amazingly elegant quilts, are great bringers of comfort that would make you last the day.

“Each pair imbues the feel good, fashion friendly philosophy of the brand,” explains Karrots. “Every collection is meticulously designed, hand-crafted and tested to ensure that customers’ get the best experience possible when they wear our products.” All Anthology Shoes use the softest genuine imported leathers, flexible rubber soles and a soft cushioned foot bed.

Other styles that have made customers pledge with Anthology Shoes are the zany zebra-printed Johannesburg; Cape Town, square-toed banana flats in leopard print; the ostrich stamped genuine leather of the Brussels collection, and the back-to-basics Moderna collection.

Looking to inject the “oomph” in your wardrobe? The sleek and metallic Shanghai collection, the Tokyo collection with its oversized bows and metal studs and the rich sheepskin leather and grosgrain lace of the Verona collection are sure standouts in style.

Gliding in comfort and supreme confidence is as easy with the choices offered by Anthology Shoes.

If relaxed and effortless is undoubtedly more your thing, try the Rio de Janiero boat shoes in nubuck leather or suede. These über laid back boat shoes come in Marigold (tan), Prussian (blue) and Scarlet (red orange).

Anthology Shoes are sold at Anthem stores in Greenbelt 5, Powerplant and Shangri-La Plaza; Analog Soul at Trinoma; The Flat Shop at Greenhills and at The Ramp in Glorietta, and Shangri-La Plaza

You can also get your Anthology Shoes outside Metro Manila: Spruce at LimKet Kai in Cagayan de Oro; Catalogue at Gaisano Mall in Davao and Blackmarket No.2 at Orchard Central, Singapore. You can also shop online at anthologyshoes.com.


Fashion Woes: Solved by Ferretti

Unlike most women, I don’t find shoe shopping pleasant. And it’s not because I don’t like shoes. I wear a size 4 narrow, a size not normally carried by stores and I’m always frustrated when I see something I like only to find that their smallest size is size five (usually in wide) or six. For me, nothing can be more irritating during a shoe shopping trip than this phrase: “Smallest display na po, ma’am.”

And before you tell me that I could always use a cork, I’d like to say I HATE WEARING ILL-FITTING SHOES and corks are fussy. Anyways…

That’s why when I find a brand that carries my size, I become extremely loyal. Ferretti is one of those brands. Not only do they have my size, but they also have a lots of styles: from flats to sexy stilettos to wedges. And what truly warms my heart is that it’s a locally-made, durable product. To date, I have at least ten pairs of Ferretti shoes.

Here’s my most favorite pair. The ever versatile open toed cream stilettos 🙂

I still have so much on my wish list!

For more information, visit Ferretti’s Facebook page.