Product Review: E.L.F.

I’m not a make up junky but I have to admit that when I need a confidence boost, I automatically reach for my make up kit. Last weekend, I bought a bunch of Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) products. I’ve always liked the brand not because it offers me a range of palettes (with colors I usually don’t need anyway) but because E.L.F offers work-friendly products at a pocket-friendly price.

Last weekend, I bought 3 items: Clarifying Pressed Powder, All Over Color Stick and an Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter.

All Over Color Stick

I really didn’t know what to expect from this product. I’m not much of a blush girl and since the stick  can basically be used on the lips and the eyelids too, I didn’t know what to expect in terms of coverage.

What I loved: Simple packaging and how close the color description matched the actual application. I also loved its matte feel. No grease here.

What I liked: The dewey effect  and full color (used it on my cheeks) in one swiped.

What I hated: Ambiguous instructions that read,”Apply liberally on eyes, cheeks and lips.”

Clarifying Pressed Powder

I’ve been using E.L.F. Clarifying Pressed Powder since college and I haven’t found better options yet.

What I love: Light weight but with great pore minimizing capabilities.

What I like: For less than 200 pesos, it’s a bargain.

What I hate: It doesn’t come in a bigger compact.

I’ve been having problems with the dark circles under my eyes and my morning puffiness. I’ve been looking for a great fix-it for some months now. Fortunately, I found this dual purpose concealer and highlighter.

What I love: With caffeine and a bunch of other brightening and anti-eye puffing ingredients, it effectively reduced the puffiness of my eyes (I applied it in the morning, when my eyes are at their puffiest).

What I like: Two things for the price of one. And both last for more than 8 hours after application. The highlighter really makes eye-prep a breeze. I noticed that my eye shadow didn’t slide off or crease for around 5 hours (I have oily skin to boot).

What I hate: I don’t hate anything about it. For 245 pesos, its performance has been stellar.

Do you have favorite beauty buys? Share away!

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