Have Yourself a Cashless Little Christmas

Feeling forced to buy gifts? 

The social pressures and the financial burden of gift-giving can turn anyone into a Grinch.

For us though — market researchers, digital marketers & PR pros who are working in an organization that seeks to serve the nation’s poorest — the holidays bring even harder questions than “who gets what?”.

Why must we keep on anchoring generosity on material gifts?

How can we push for more mindful giving?

How can we go beyond buying a social enterprise gifts?

Well, instead of bemoaning the financial and social costs of giving everyone a present, a couple of work colleagues & I came up with a new way to be generous this season! 🙂

In lieu of buying gifts, we had a “cashless Christmas” instead.

How does it work? Gifts must cost nothing & must be based on a singular idea. Whether the idea is in the realm of tried & true tips or inspiring mantras is all up to the giver. The only requirement for the exchange is that the piece of paper or cardboard containing your idea is “display-able”.

Here are some of the (amazing!) things we received:

Ideas are precious & powerful gifts worth sharing.

Merry Christmas! 🙂 



DAY 3 | 7 Days of Gratefulness

After doing two days last September, my deadlines loomed & while I have not stopped being grateful, I’ve forgotten to share my happiness with the world! 🙂

I think that Christmas time is a great time to start up my Days of Gratefulness project again. So here goes:

1. As Super Typhoon Ruby (International name: Hagupit)whips through our country, I am grateful for any opportunity to help. It is a relief to see reports that it spared most of the Visayas (an area that was badly, terribly hit last year by Haiyan).

2. While we are on the subject of rain…In Metro Manila, rain makes it hard to get from one place to another — flooded streets, cabbies who won’t take you anywhere under the “traffic dun” category, etc, etc. That is why I am so happy that my office is less than 5km from my house.

3. When my supermarket goes on sale & I can buy a kilo of red onions for 5 pesos (those in the know will know what I am talking about! Hahahaha!).

4. Online shopping (see number 2 — rain + the holidays =  horrible heavy traffic = laziness = online shopping)

5. The H & I made our first holiday decor purchase…a small Christmas tree. While we’ve been together for a while, it never really occurred to us to buy decor. Oh how a talkative toddler — who calls Santa, the Christmas tree, the lights “Christmas” — changes a household. Now she says: “Mom, let’s watch the Christmas” (meaning she wants to turn on the lights & watch them).