The first half of 2016 just whizzed by & it’s time for my mid year review! I’ve been having a hard time isolating what exactly I learned in the past six months when it hit me: I learned how intrinsic grounded optimism was to my being productive! πŸ™‚

I was reading Edward Monkton’s “The Pig of Happiness” to my daughter earlier this week & that is when the idea struck:

The pig looked around & saw that all was not well at their farm. He saw & then acted. He decided to spread happiness.Β This pragmatic, unflappable optimism is what I truly believe in & to be otherwise, to “think positive” without considering the facts of life is simply lying to yourself.

Moving forward, my midyear resolutions are to:

  1. Be realistic but not a cynic
  2. Respond with compassion
  3. Cultivate genuine optimism

If you can’t find the book, you can get to know The Pig of Happiness via this video!



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