Positively Yours

I’ve been meaning to create a new year’s post but as usual, I put my blogging at the back burner. It’s hard to think of a worthy topic to welcome a new year! So I procrastinated.

the best

Fortunately, the office I work at has launched a “positivity campaign” — giving me a much-needed topic! So, for my first post for 2016, I give you 3 ways you can be more positive at work:

  1. Be realistic. A truly optimistic person does not live in a bubble of happiness. This person is not blind or in denial. In fact, it is the acceptance of their realities that helps them identify what can and cannot be done. They don’t hold on to impossibilities or wallow in past failures.
  2. Vent and take action. Everyone has had those truly awful days, even the most positive of people. And letting it all out is important to moving forward (venting can be healthy — if done right!). If something bothers you at work, tell a team member or your supervisor about it but don’t stop there! Make a plan to address the issue and most importantly: recognize that sometimes your emotions get in the way of clarity! 
  3. Know your motivations. Being a positive co-worker is much more than keeping sarcastic comments at bay or treating colleagues to a nice lunch to boost team morale — it is having another person’s best interest at bay. For managers, most especially — when a team member is frustrated at work, resist the easy/lazy route of invalidating their emotions by saying: “stop complaining, be positive!”. Instead, listen to what they have to say, offer constructive ways to help them with their work, and most of all encourage them to do better.

More on this next time. 🙂


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