The week ahead

  1. Wake up on a Monday & realize that spending 5 minutes more in bed will mean being gloriously late for work.
  2. Shower and dress in under 10 minutes. Take deep breaths and focus on getting out the door.
  3. Walk down your street. Be relieved that there is an empty cab.
  4. Arrive at the office with 8 minutes to spare. Find your mug, get some coffee.
  5. This week’s most difficult tasks are over. Things are already looking up.

I’ve observed bright, young execs who never get to rise in the ranks because they were above coming in on time. Furthermore, these talented people never get promotions because they would already have left the company by the time they would’ve been up for it. They could not wait!

Next time you ask yourself — how did that imbecile become the division head?

Remember this: maybe he or she was an expert in showing up and staying put. Β 


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