Stretched too thin

What a week I’ve had.

Here are 5 things I realized.

  1. I cover events with blinders on — when I’m taking notes, I take notes furiously. When I’m taking photos, my eyes are trained on the visuals (a speaker smiling, audience reactions, etc) — but I rarely remember the exact words being spoken as the photo was taken.
  2. I can’t cover an event properly if I am taking IG shots & live tweeting.
  3. Queuing speakers’ slides and videos is mind numbing.
  4. I can’t do any of the above while I am being screamed at by a media person on the phone.
  5. If you’d like me to give you quotes I jotted down & photos I took — don’t insist on staying outside the venue. I can’t be placating you outside the venue while quotes in question are being spoken, while things I should have taken photos of are happening.

Do I have a clone somewhere? Cause it seems like people keep seeing two of me lately.


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