Trampled Rights


Didn’t know that the police (sometimes violently) dispersed rallies (AKA peaceful public gatherings for people to speak on certain issues) because such public events inconvenienced others. I thought the reason for the government dispersing such mass protests (even those with permits!) was political in nature — ruling classes hate opposition. A power struggle. One squashing another.

I guess politics is also not the reason there are no fire trucks, no police with shields and truncheons to “clear away” this week’s fresh crop of protesters. After all — the rally was only held at a major artery of Metro Manila during a payday Friday night, the start of a long weekend for most Metro Manila. I bet no one was inconvenienced enough for the rallyists to be dispersed. ย 


“With the street demonstration held by the INC members against the governmentโ€™s pledged religious persecution, Roxas said the policemen have the responsibility to preserve peace and order with maximum tolerance.” (That’s from DILG)

I remember what “maximum tolerance” meant during college. That meant that the fire truck parked nearby may or may not spray water. It meant being stopped in your tracks by rows of policemen with only a placard to defend yourself with. Let’s see what it means in this context.


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