Things That Baffle Me: Subject Lines

PR LifeinPR

Today in things that baffle me: e-mail subject lines that leave you guessing:

  1. Invitation
  2. Application
  3. For <Insert Company Name>
  4. Sponsorship Letter

and the grand winner:

“Fw: <blank space>”

If you receive e-mails like these, it can take all of your strength not to delete them, a moderate amount of strength to read through them, and well — searching for them in your inbox (in the off chance that you did want to go back to that particular e-mail) can be close to impossible.

The word “subject” refers to a topic set to be discussed. Broader subjects take a while to discuss. In contrast, forming opinions about specific ones are easier. It baffles me how people miss this — it’s named “subject line” for an obvious reason.

In photo, my actual work inbox when I searched for the word “sponsorship”:



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