Healthy, family centered homes at the foothills of the Sierra Madre

Note: Article was published April 27 (The Philippine Star).

Metro Manila Hils Communities (MMHC) residents and their families are set to enjoy fun-filled days of kite flying, biking and outdoor concerts. The events are part of the string of summer activities organized by MMHC developer, New San Jose Builders Inc. (NSJBI). Other events like Flores de Mayo, tree planting and sports fests are also in the works.

Kim Calinawan, head of NSJBI’s Macro Sales group, states that they are working continuously to make MMHC a great place for family bonding. “We believe that holistic wellness starts at home. We encourage our residents to enjoy MMHC’s facilities with their families,” he states.

“MMHC is a mountaintop dwelling in Rodriguez, Rizal. The lush greens, refreshing air and the peaceful scenery of MMHC make it perfect for unwinding after a hectic day,” says Calinawan. “Here, the great outdoors is at your doorstep. The development sits on the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. As such, MMHC gives you a dazzling view of the metro coupled with cool winds and invigorating greenery.”

Families living in MMHC have the best of both worlds: an accessible location and nature-filled vistas. MMHC is a 20 minute continuous ride from Quezon City Hall.

Six value-laden locales

Envisioned as a locale made up of distinctive communities, houses in MMHC’s six phases feature different themes and styles.

“Each phase offers homeowners an array of standard choices but also allows for design flexibility,” explains Calinawan. “They can build improvements on the house, build up or do some landscaping.”

Three phases have houses ready for move in. The first phase, Metro Manila Hills, have single-detached units. The first phase is almost sold out. With its generous frontage and space-efficient design, MMH Townhomes, is also popular.  The three bedroom homes at the Mediterranean-inspired Isabel Terraces are also making waves with its optional pool installation.

The fourth phase of MMHC, Theresa Heights, has houses with American Old South feel. The two bedroom houses at Theresa Heights come complete with a wide front porch, perfect for lounging and socializing.

The soon to be completed Tex Mex styled houses at Residencias de Francesca will surely please those who prefer warm palettes. Another exciting addition to MMHC are the sleek, minimalist houses in its sixth phase, Victoria Villas. “Residencias de Francesca and Victoria Villas are set to be opened later in the year,” Calinawan adds.

True to NSJBI’s commitment of providing value-laden amenities to its residents, MMHC also features a 20-meter wide and more than a kilometer long lighted boulevard. The boulevard runs through the center of the development. A select area of the boulevard is set to have an array of shops. Soon residents will be able to find most everything they need: from specialty delis, mini groceries to apparel and IT shops.

“We are proud to say that residents can enjoy all the advantages of living in MMHC without the hefty price tag,” says Calinawan. A pioneer in total vertical integration, all aspects of NSJBI’s projects from architecture, engineering and construction to interior design, marketing and sales are handled by NSJBI. The absence of subcontractors and the streamlining of developments translate directly into speedier production and savings that homebuyers enjoy.

Bid the pollution of Metro Manila adieu and come home to the east’s green haven: Metro Manila Hills Communities. Call (02) 415-9575 or visit for queries and more information on MMHC.###



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