Make something this weekend: Baby Mobile

Being a mom can be tough. Finding an age-appropriate, engaging baby toy? Sometimes even tougher (though I’m not sure if this is because I’m in the Philippines or if I’m just too picky).

Anyways, for weeks now, I have been searching for a baby mobile that a) is high contrast b) not electronic / no sounds — scared of battery leaks and c) costs no more than 2,000 pesos.


Let’s just say that after scouring The Landmark at TriNoMa, Rustan’s (in Shang, Gateway AND Makati –I luff Rustan’s!) and Robinson’s (Galleria and Manila), I decided to make my own.*

So here’s my little baby mobile guide.

Important: remember to wash ALL of your materials (including the base of the mobile) in baby-safe detergent BEFORE you make the mobile.

Step 1: Choose materials and patterns. I got my pattern inspiration from here.Β I chose felt because it’s low-maintenance. You don’t have to do any “finishing” or “sealing” on its edges to prevent fraying.

For string, I chose cotton crochet thread.

I saw a lot of hangers and basins in the baby mobile tutorials I saw online. But I wanted to find something lighter for the mobile’s base. I chose a small flower girl basket and removed the handle.

Step 2:Β Trace and cut patterns

Step 3: Sew or glue the pieces together together.

And run thread through the basket’s weave.

Step 4: Test it. Remember, while a mobile may look lovely if viewed from the side of the crib (meaning, the adult’s perspective), its purpose is to look good when the baby looks up at it. πŸ™‚

*In case you were wondering why I didn’t go to to SM… I have a thing against SM. For further reading go here and here.Β Β And I know KMU lists the other malls but I personally experienced SM’s dispersal when I joined the strikes as a student activist. Masakit mapalo, te!

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