Gray Areas

I’ve had a hard two weeks.

I have been typing furiously into most nights: revising this article, writing that proposal and researching this angle. I’ve also been in a state of flux: wringing my hands as we lost to a bigger agency in a bid, answering congratulatory email as we move towards cementing a better partnership with another client and marveling at how having a daughter has unlocked new abilities (like breastfeeding while answering a client call and writing a feature article).

Gray elephant
It's a balancing act! (photo from

But this is not why I’m blogging right in the middle of my work day. I took a break to blog (naks, alliteration!) because I need to write about integrity. Specifically, integrity in public relations. It has been on my mind a lot lately. So far, these are the questions I have asked myself:

1. How can I be a PR pro of integrity?

2. PR is an industry of perception. How can integrity shine through in a profession filled with gray areas?

I’ve been reflecting on this and I can’t say I’ve found answers. But asking these questions helps me deal with daily stress and (let’s face it) temptations to slack off. These questions also keep me grounded (and consequently, has kept me from screaming at colleagues).

I’ll write about this more on the weekend. What are your thoughts on integrity?


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