Twenty Twelve

Of course, I just had to make a new year’s post. Here’s a rundown of all of the things I hope to achieve this year, all the places I hope to visit and the good habits I need to adopt. In no particular order:

1. Use the postal service. 

Ok. I know. It’s slow, inefficient and unreliable. But when was the last time you got a letter from anyone who’s not the bank or a utility service? Some things are just more special handwritten. That’s why this year, I vow to send at least 40 postcards.

2. Book list 

Still not done with my 2012 book list but I want to read at least 75% of what I listed down (realistic, naks!).

3. Study

Some things I need to learn, others I just want to for the heck of it.

-Take a marketing and PR course

-Take a photography class

-Choose a cook book and cook all the recipes in it

-Take a make up class

4. Visit… 

Thailand again because I love that place. 🙂

Romblon with my husband and our baby (it’s my Lola Ed’s home province! And it’s beautiful!)

Just two trips. I’m a busy new mom with a screaming infant in my arms, after all. 

5. Buy a car 

Why? Well… I guess it’s because it’s about time I gave up my “OhhellnoImnotdriving” policy. What kind of car though? No idea yet since I never really had a dream car.

Here’s to hoping I spend the next months fulfilling these goals. I’ll keep you posted!

What are your new year’s resolutions?

PS. I also want to buy a ton of shoes and clothes this year from  here and here


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