A Quick Note: I’m putting my foot down

My job is challenging. The insane deadlines keep me up at night and I wake up most mornings thinking about my tasks for the day. I love it because the ideas I spew out, the messages I craft have a wide audience. One of the best things about PR is getting feedback that campaigns you have authored have affected decision makers, prompted people to act or gave clients more business. It’s an exhilarating, demanding job and I love it.

And now, for the fourth time in a row, I am not being compensated on time for all the efforts I put into my job. On the first two occasions, our pay was late because our billing and collection was delayed. On the third time, the reason given was the long weekend prevented checks from clearing on time. In my opinion, since the long weekend was due to public holidays and not an “act of God” like storms, earthquakes and the like; THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR BEING UNPREPARED FOR IT. It is simple laziness and total lack of consideration for employees on the part of our HR and account support that they consider late payrolls acceptable.

And now, it is late again. All of us have to spend the weekend and Monday grovelling for ways to meet our living expenses. And I feel disenfranchised. I feel as if the labors of the past weeks have not been enough to warrant a complete paycheck.

I am worried that this will become di rigueur; that I will have to make serious adjustments as to how I will meet my financial obligations on time (I have had to pay my rent and utilities late in the last two months because of all our payroll delays and the late charges are not fun).

And most importantly, I am disappointed in my firm. I have put so much faith in it; I have stuck with it despite the many other (more lucrative) opportunities that have come my way and I have tried my hardest to see the “big picture”, see beyond the petty employee angst that many of us go through. I have looked past my frustrations: the inconsistent policies, the disregard for manpower capacity in order to please clients and the “yes man” attitude that puts employee welfare in the back burner. I have even used my own resources: my own equipment (laptop, internet hub, camera, etc.) just to be able to meet deadlines and do my job well; all free of charge. I’ve forgone charging transportation expenses because of all the flack I get from our HR and account support about “riding a bus instead of a taxi” to get to my meetings. But all of these efforts are for naught.

Now excuse me as I force my brain to work. Excuse me as I cut my rant short in order to let my creativity, my energy and my time be thanklessly utilized by a firm who thinks all these are worthless. With apologies to the Eels, I have “taken wooden nickels when I sold my soul”.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Note: I’m putting my foot down

    1. The first three times, I was being “a considerate manager” meaning I said: “OK, let’s move forward. We have more important things to be concerned about.” This time though, what really made me mad was our HR/Acct Support person did not even give me fair warning. I had to hear pa from my other office mate that the pay will arrive Tuesday pa. I already expressed my concerns to the partners (my bosses) and I conveyed my disappointment, my worries and how things like this make me feel like we’re dispensable employees. I both got apologies but no concrete plans of action to address it. Suddenly, spending anywhere from 10 to 14 hours each day working (even if I’m home based na, I have meetings pa rin and stuff) isn’t such a great idea. Para akong na-discourage to give my utmost. 😦

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