Product Review: Hortaleza MD Skingent Protective Day Cream

I’ve always had a simple skin care and make up routine because I like getting out of the door in 30 minutes or less. It used to be: cleanse, tone, moisturize, conceal, dab a bit of lipstick, liner and let’s go!

I usually use a light SPF 15 moisturizer and I try to avoid creamier moisturizers or heavy duty sunblock because these usually end up in a gooey mess 2 hours into my work day.Β  However, since lately I could feel the heat burning into my face I was forced to rethink my choice of moisturizer.

Last month, I set out to find a facial moisturizer that was cheap (so I could apply liberal amounts), mild and fragrance free (again, so I could apply liberal amounts), lightweight and had an SPF of at least 25.

After scouring the beauty counters and finding mostly “great for a day at the beach” stuff, I stumbled onto Hortaleza MD Skingent Protective Day Cream.Β  Now, I do love their hair color and things but since their more popular skin care line are a bunch of exfoliants that (kinda) burn; I was skeptical about the moisturizer.

I bought a small bottle for around 100 pesos and gingerly tried it at home.

Result: yey, didn’t burn! :p

I put on small amount of product (pea-sized amount)and was surprised that it had a bit of a tint in it (a great alternative for days when it’s too hot to put on foundation!).

My skin felt velvety and soft six hours after I applied it. I’ve been using the product for two weeks now and I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin’s elasticity as well.

I’ve been so impressed by the product, I want to get the whole Skingent set now.


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