Jerzon Senador is a Cruel Bastard

See this person below?

His name is Jerzon Senador and he hung a puppy out to dry (literally) took pictures and posted the pictures on his Facebook account.

Is there anything funny about these pictures, Mr. Senador? If you find these amusing, then I suggest you see a therapist because you might be a psychopath.

Here’s a message I sent him:

Hi Jerzon,

I saw pictures of your puppy posted on your Facebook page. A lot of people are appalled by how you “hung the puppy out to dry”. Dogs are loyal, lovely animals and they do not deserve to be treated as such.

You should be ashamed of yourself, hurting an innocent puppy like that. You’re a cruel and ignorant person and you deserve to be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

We’re reporting you to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society.


Tish Martinez


9 thoughts on “Jerzon Senador is a Cruel Bastard

    1. i’d love for him to get imprisoned, get hung on the prison bars by his fellow prisoners, have that episode photographed and posted on the municipal jails official facebook page LOL!

  1. Jerzon, please be reminded that your place is just got a 30 mins. travelling time from ours so don’t be shocked if one time you will be hit in the face…be thankful if it is only once…dont tell me i didnt warn you…

  2. Jerzon Senador… don’t be calm” insane!! wait your negative Outcome for what you’ve done!!! yeah!! pet abuser….

  3. This douchebag should be tied to a tree, hit with a sledgehammer (i hate that arrogant asswipe look on his face), and then hung on a meathook.

  4. You are a sick bastard. Dog, infact all animals, are put on this earth to be loved to give love back. I bet you thought you were so funny to do this. WELL i hope you are seriously done for this and never ever be let allowed to own a animal, not even a fkn goldfish in your, what i can imagine, short life

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