Lack of Commitment

OK. Let me start by saying I’m committed to a ton of things: moisturizing twice a day,maintaining ten hour work days, getting articles to press on time, eating vegetables, reading six broadsheets and at least four news blogs each day, not smoking, paying bills on time, keeping my apartment organized, four hour Sunday dinners with my family and lastly, looking good (e.i. not being a fashion disaster, choosing the right/appropriate make up).

Not a very impressive list. I’m sure most people juggle more things. But for someone who’s constantly beset with the lazies, it’s enough. If you notice, blogging isn’t part of my commitment list (example: please see the Women’s Month challenge that I forgot to do. Sorry!).

I have to change this. Also, because I’ve recently turned 25, I’ve made three new promises to myself:

1. Brush up on photography skills by attending at least one seminar per quarter.

2. Finally get myself to enroll in a PR course.

3.Β  Buy more furniture.

Oh, and blog more frequently. πŸ™‚


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