Fashion Woes: Solved by Ferretti

Unlike most women, I don’t find shoe shopping pleasant. And it’s not because I don’t like shoes. I wear a size 4 narrow, a size not normally carried by stores and I’m always frustrated when I see something I like only to find that their smallest size is size five (usually in wide) or six. For me, nothing can be more irritating during a shoe shopping trip than this phrase: “Smallest display na po, ma’am.”

And before you tell me that I could always use a cork, I’d like to say I HATE WEARING ILL-FITTING SHOES and corks are fussy. Anyways…

That’s why when I find a brand that carries my size, I become extremely loyal. Ferretti is one of those brands. Not only do they have my size, but they also have a lots of styles: from flats to sexy stilettos to wedges. And what truly warms my heart is that it’s a locally-made, durable product. To date, I have at least ten pairs of Ferretti shoes.

Here’s my most favorite pair. The ever versatile open toed cream stilettos πŸ™‚

I still have so much on my wish list!

For more information, visit Ferretti’s Facebook page.


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