Bellissimo Restorante

So, Rom and I were looking for a place have some dinner. We were walking along Tomas Morato and saw a sign that said: Pizza, Pasta, Vino. We had to go in. What looked like an old apartment building housed Bellissimo Restorante.

Ambience: Cozy, cozy and more cozy. I loved the interiors! It was so nice, I had to take a picture:

We ordered a Mega Pizza (which I didn’t realize had, um, Mega Sardines). It was yummy and filling though. Quite a treat! It’s a good thing we didn’t order more stuff since we could only finish half the pizza.

Mega Pizza

What I loved: a simple menu that’s easy on the pocket and the romantic, cozy interiors.

What I liked: The Italian hazelnut soda and their outdoor cafe area

What I hated: Mentioned before that I was talking pictures. Not sure who exactly the girl in charge was, the owner perhaps, but she kept side glancing me (wanted to ask, bawal ba magpicture? Kasi kung bawal, sabihin mo wag mo akong irapan at customer ako). Quite a contrast to their friendly wait staff.

Will I go back? Depends. I love the food and the ambiance but Β the side glancing incident might make me head on to Amici or Italianni’s or better yet, to Bellinni’s at Cubao X.

And Bellissimo being a renovated apartment, I imagine, is quite the fire trap too.

PS. While I was writing this, found out that the Bellissimo is owned by actor Cesar Montano and managed by his daughter Angela. Now that Mega sardine pizza makes more sense.


6 thoughts on “Bellissimo Restorante

  1. 350? wow! i think its goood for four! πŸ˜€
    ohh btw, can i like add you in my blogroll? πŸ˜€
    i like your blog! will check on your latest updates

  2. That’s too good for P350, I believe. However, quite far from here. Hahaha. I don’t see the point of the staff to glare at you for taking pictures. Maybe he/she’s envious of your digital camera, LOL!

    1. The pizza is really a bargain! Still can’t figure out if taking pictures wasn’t allowed at the place. Anyways, when you visit Manila, hope you get to check it out!

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