Dutdutan X

I used to be young and reckless.

But reckless as I was, getting a tattoo never even entered my brain. I’m not sure if it’s because till I got to college, I never saw any up close (my family never did know anyone with tats) or because in the Philippines, a tattoo is almost a euphemism for doing time in prison.

A tattoo artist at work.

You can see how I prepared I was to cover the 10th Dutdutan, the country’s premier tattoo convention. Organized by Tribal and dubbed Dutdutan X, it features a bevy of the world’s best tattoo artists and their works. Sponsored by Colt 45, Dutdutan X was held on September 24 to 25 at the World Trade Center in Pasay.

Me and my token beer.

Dutdutan X also had a drum duel (which I enjoyed), a bikini open (which made me insecure) and a host of bands performing, which included: Franco, Kamikazee and The Wuds (!!!). There was also a vintage muscle car and big bike exhibit.

Mustang GT500 a.k.a Eleanor of Gone in Sixty Seconds

It was quite a trippy day (days, actually, since I was there for both days) at the office for me. Let’s just say it was inspirational and educational, shall we?

Someday, I will get myself a tat as cools as this one. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dutdutan X

    1. 😀 Saw so many lovely tats at Dutdutan. I’m convinced that I should get one too. I want a Hans Christian Andersen-insipred tat.

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