Writer’s Block (Notes to Self)

After years of stringing paragraphs and sentences into seemingly coherent articles, my writing process’ volatility still presents a host of problems for me. Almost each day is a case of write or die, a daily catalog of writer’s block. Whether it’s from fatigue or emotional distress, fact is, writer’s block prevents me from doing my job effectively. As such, I usually have several options to help myself get writing and these are:

Squeeze out the sentences. Examine the topic of the articles and write sentences that describe the topic, even express feelings about the topic. Though about 80% of what I churn out with this method isn’t very coherent and won’t make the final cut, I find it effectively gets those creative juices flowing.


β€œWhen writing about particularly a particularly boring topic, I find my eyes glazing over. Making a feature about paints and how exciting construction materials are is one such topic…”

Thesaurus and rhyme dictionaries. Engulfing oneself with words can help the mind conjure up enough creativity for a copy or two.

Remind myself to stop over-thinking everything. Though doing one’s best at every turn , may seem like a great mantra, fellow corporate hacks will agree: sometimes/most times you just have to churn out something the bosses will like (clue: the copy doesn’t have to be ground-breaking or insightful. It just has to contain the key messages of the campaign.) In short, churn out something insipid but acceptable.

Preparation: If you’re on a writing roll, take advantage of it. Write as many opening sentences, boilers and third paragraphers as you can on the same topic. This will come in handy when you simply can;y think of anything interesting.

Lastly, if your deadline permits it, sleep it off.


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