The Long and Short of It: Reasons for Not Updating my Blog

1. Long version: I’ve been moving apartments, hauling things, cleaning rooms out and doing my laundry. These past months are proof of my “maturity”: when finishing a crapload of laundry feels more gratifying than a night out with friends.

Life has been a bit dull on the alcohol side of things because of all the domesticated things I have to work on. And given my lack of skill in such domestic matters (ironing clothes, washing up dishes, the doing the laundry and cleaning rooms, etc), it takes more time for me to accomplish them (read: forever).

Short version: Discovered domestic life.

2. Long version: Work takes me places. As someone who does PR work, my work day is anything but dull. Public relations is hard work but it’s fun. From attending events, having brainstorming sessions with colleagues to tearing my brains out to come up with “creative” ideas; PR work uses up much of the brain cells I would like to have employed to update my blog. And no, I’m trying really hard to make each post relevant and not just make it into a running account of the parties I’ve gone to with captions like: “it was fun.”

I went to a party. It was fun.

Short version: Too busy at work to have a social life worth blogging about.

3. Long version: A lot of things have been happening in my personal life. I’ve gone through varied stages of indecision, epiphanies and whatnot. In the past months, I have entertained and turned down job offers; took up new hobbies (more on that, soon!) and formed new friendships.

Technical problems: I’ve also had trouble taking nice pictures to document everything I’ve been doing (the low res pics aren’t really helping my blog and all the nice pictures on the net also make me insecure.) which makes me even lazier to do updating.

Short version: Life has been to confusing to write about and it was time for me to buy a decent camera.


Anyways, I’ve promised myself to update at least once a week.

For starters, I’d like to share a picture of one of my favorite recipes, Spicy Garlic Chicken with Hot Mustard sauce:

Sharing the recipe next week! πŸ™‚

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